The Byron

  • Location: Woolacombe, North Devon
  • Client: CTS
  • Project Cost: £750,000

WM Ironwork assisted with the renovation of old apartments into a new holiday complex with swimming pool, spa and restaurant. Work commenced in 2016 and was completed over a three year period. 

Many different aspects of steel work were used during the project, ranging from integral structural steel installation in the basement, restaurant and penthouse areas, through to stainless steel posts and rails, frameless glass balustrades and cantilevered balconies overlooking the stunning Woolacombe Bay.

A large proportion of building works focused on the major renovation of the main structure. The lead contractor found many issues when removing parts of the structure, uncovering structural defects they didn’t expect to find. This meant we had to liaise and manage changes to the structural steel designs and provide solutions swiftly.

The two stainless steel feature staircases (pictured) within the building really give the interior a chic, minimalist finish. The frameless glass balustrading gives the tight and dark areas of the old building a sense of space and light the architect intended. Stainless steel bosses and cap-rail-handrails compliment the luxurious finish of the new building. 

There were a total of 6 external staircases in the project’s entirety. These were produced from galvanized steel with mirror polished, stainless steel, post-and-rail style balustrades. This contemporary steel design was consistent throughout the project on all of the communal and garden areas. 

Frameless glass balustrades were used to its full potential on all phases of the construction project. In total, WM Ironwork used over 200 linear metres of the frameless style balustrading. The photos of the façade show just how many metres were used on all floors, including the penthouse apartments and the apartments blocks to the raised carpark area.

Upper Block Balconies

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