Sheep Crate

The EWE-TURN ROLLOVER CRATE from WM Ironwork is the simplest and most practical solution for handling your sheep, developed from over 30 years experience in design and manufacture of safe, durable animal handling equipment.

The EWE-TURN ROLLOVER CRATE can be fitted into any race system and adjusts to either right or left handed operation. The sheep simply walk into the crate and are clamped by our unique multi-variable locking system. Release the foot pedal and you tilt the sheep forward, turn the sheep over and it’s ready for attention, with clear access to the feet, head, udder and rear end, without any clutter in the way.

WM Ironwork have been selling the EWE-TURN ROLLOVER CRATE since 1996 (before that the Devon Sheep Rollover Crate since 1980), and are acknowledged as the market leaders in sheep handling equipment. The EWE-TURN ROLLOVER CRATE can be found across Great Britain, and in virtually every European Country.